vidyouth prakazANA

(electrical exhibition)

With the aim to give a practical idea and closer look of Electrical Equipment.

Hi to all future Engineers, 

Welcome to Vidyouth 2k19. In this year we are coming with another electric spectacle VIDYOUTH PRAKAZANA. 


  • The main objective of this event is to create awareness among the students and to train them well in such a way that they can find efficient solution for the electrical problems by knowing about different electrical equipment through electrical exhibition.
  • Electrical exhibition is an event which has particularly organized to show electrical equipment to the enthusiastic persons.
  • With conventional education system we have a theoretical knowledge but we are lack of practical knowledge. This Electrical Exhibition helps us to meet the equipment Practically.

Event Timings

Starting Date: 20-12-19 at 11:30 AM

Ending Date: 21-12-19 at 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: 10/-

All the money collected will be donated to charity. Give a smile, your money helping others.

For any inquiries please contact

K. Akesh - 9381498171

K. Reethika


M. Benarji - 9494214416

P. Sowjanya