PRAKSHIPTA is a Project expo event conducted as a part of VIDYOUTH-2k19, the technical festival by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, JNTUK, UCEN. 


  • Atending Project Expo allows you to get infront of your target audience, Which is a perfect opportunity to showcase your talent and boost your skills.
  • This also plays a vital role on building up the self confidence of the students.
  • The contest is open for the students belonging to ECE and EEE.
  • Projects can be choosen from any area of interest.


  1. Maximum number of participants representing a single project should not exceed 3.
  2. E-mail (with your project abstract and requirements like power supply, measuring instruments etc.,) should be sent to on or before 20-12-2019 (2:00 PM)
  3. Confirmation of participation is done by a mail and after receiving it, you’ll have to register at the website’s register panel.
  4. Strictly be in professional attire.
  5. Event registration fee is Rs.150/- per project.( Same fee for 3 or 2 or 1 member in a team).


Last date for abstract and requirements submission : 19-12-2019
Notification of acceptance : 19-12-2019
Event date: 20-12-2019

Co Ordinators

K.V Teja (9030687832)

R. Pooja (6281913898)